About Us

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Amanda Jorgensen

Yogi In Chief

Amanda is a wife and mother of four children. She enjoys schooling her children, nutrition, and coffee! She began practicing yoga as a way to feel more energetic and relaxed. Once she learned all the other health benefits yoga provides it changed her life and found a way into her soul. She went through her teacher training at Evolve Yoga in Sioux City. After completing her 200 hours of training she began teaching at YALA yoga in Okoboji. From there she felt the need to start a new studio in Spencer. Besides the exercise benefits, Amanda loves the connection that yoga gives her with other people in the community. She hopes that people leave her classes encouraged, inspired, and strengthened for the rest of their week and life!

Our Teachers

Our teachers have many years of experience, and are schooled in multiple disciplines within and outside of yoga. Check back as our roster continues to expand.

Jenn Fast

Jennifer Hansel

Jennifer teaches yoga classes at different times of the year. Be on the lookout for when she teaches. She says, “I have been practicing all types of movement my whole life. It started with dancing, then yoga and Pilates came into the mix. I like to say that movement keeps the ‘dust of everyday living’ off my feet. I have taught dance for ten years, and I love to share (with teens especially) how movement can help during challenging times. In my classes we will not only work the body through yoga postures, but will also focus on overcoming obstacles to become the best version of ourselves. See you on your mat!”

Jasmin Holzinger

Jasmin teaches yoga classes at different times of the year. Be on the lookout for when she teaches! She is originally from Cologne, Germany. She and her husband moved to Iowa in 2015 to get a wind energy company started. Jasmin began practicing yoga in 2011 when she “got stuck” in her life. Yoga has helped her discover her true self and taught her to listen to her body, heart and soul. During her classes she explains about postures and alignment, and also takes time for breath work, meditation and relaxation. Her goal is to share the joy and happiness that yoga has brought to her life and hopes to inspire people for a more conscious and thankful living.

Greg Jorgensen

Greg is currently the lead teacher for our Barre classes on Tuesday morning (9:00am) and Saturday morning (8:15am). He loves that Barre offers a combination of cardio and strength training, while also incorporating some yoga poses for flexibility.

Mandi King

Mandi King is the lead teacher for our Monday and Wednesday night Vinyasa yoga classes. She is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in Mind/Body exercises. Her perpetual passion for learning, combined with her moxie for movement, has lead her to embrace yoga for both its mental and physical riches. An athlete by nature, Mandi is driven by yoga’s ability to both challenge and nurture the body; building strength and balance, while alleviating stress and anxiety. It is Mandi’s desire to inspire others, through the practice of yoga, providing the peace, invigoration, and inspiration to thrive!

Heather Veiseth

Heather is currently the lead teacher for our Barre class on Thursday evening (6:45pm).